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GB3OK - 70 cms FM
439.5125 MHz


GB7OK - 2mtr D-Star
145.7125 MHz

The New Look Website

The Repeaters:

The original gb3ok repeater has undergone many changes since it came on air and a lot of the information on the website had become outdated.  Originally the gb3ok repeater was on 2mtrs.  Later came the gb3lk repeater on 70cms.  Recently, the 2mtr gb3ok repeater ceased transmitting and was replaced with a D-Star repeater with the new callsign of gb7ok.  Shortly after, the 70cms repeater, gb3lk, took over the old callsign of gb3ok. 


Echolink was originally on the 2mtr repeater but was transferred to 70cms when all these changes took place.  We also managed to retain the original Node after the change.

So!  The current setup now looks like this:

GB3OK:  70cms FM - TX 439.5125 - RX 430.5125 (9 MHz split) 82.5 CTCSS (With Echolink on Node: 280040)

GB7OK:  2mtr D-STAR - TX 145.7125 - RX 145.1125 (600 kHz split)

The Website:

Rather than trawling through all the pages of the website to correct all the out-of-date information, we have decided to create a totally new site.  This also gives us the chance to do a bit of redesigning.

We expect this maintenance to take at least a couple of weeks.  Some of the older pages will be reconstructed with updated information while others will be removed.  New pages are also planned.

We hope you continue to enjoy your visits to our website. 

Thank you.

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